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We are your comprehensive solution, dedicated to empowering you with the essential tools and expert guidance to attract top-tier talent and thrive in your professional pursuits. Whether you require comprehensive recruiting outsourcing, desire to elevate your recruiting strategies and skills, or aspire to enhance various aspects of your career to achieve your dream job, our tailored suite of specialized services will ensure you succeed.

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Are You?

Struggling to attract top talent in today's competitive job market?

Feeling hindered by a lack of knowledge or tools to achieve effective recruiting?

Feeling stuck in your career?

Wanting professional guidance for professional development?

Uncertain about your career direction?

What Champion Can Do:

Provide comprehensive recruiting services to attract and engage top tier talent.

Alleviate stress in the recruitment process, with extensive knowledge, tools and resources.

Guide candidates in the necessary networking within their industry.

Deliver expert knowledge and tips in resume development.

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Meet Our Managing Partner

Carrie Maldonado

Managing Partner

Carrie Maldonado is a catalyst for innovation and a driving force behind highly effective teams. With a unique "superpower", she excels at fostering character-driven leadership that inspires others to follow.

Carrie is passionate about creating positive change and believes in the transformative power of unleashing individual potential. As a Managing Partner, she is committed to guiding individuals and organizations towards leadership excellence, characterized by integrity, responsibility, courage, compassion, and forgiveness.

Through her expertise in organizational development, Carrie brings a wealth of skills in performance management, talent acquisition, executive coaching, training and development, performance metrics, compensation, career development, employee engagement, and workflow processes. With Carrie's guidance, everyone involved emerges as a winner, as she believes in changing the world one leader at a time.

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