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Champion Generosity is a dedicated platform for individuals who feel a strong calling to contribute to the greater good and make a meaningful impact in their community and the world. We empower you to unleash your potential, leveraging your time, talent, treasures, and unique experiences to create positive change in alignment with your business strategy.

Our transformative programs provide guidance, resources, and inspiration to help you maximize your success and turn it into significant impact. Through our community, you can express generosity, support charitable causes, launch impactful initiatives, and engage in meaningful philanthropy, ultimately leaving a lasting legacy of kindness and compassion for future generations. Together, let's champion generosity and make a difference in the world.

Take The Guessing Out Of Giving

Here's how we've helped business owners and entrepreneurs just like you.

Are You?

Wanting to make an impact, but not sure of the best way to do it?

Seeking opportunities to share your resources, time, or skills with those in need?

Open to discovering new ways to contribute to the greater good and help others?

Looking to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for generosity?

Ready to take action and explore the fulfilling journey of becoming a more generous person?

What Champion Can Do:

Provide a curated list of reputable nonprofits and charities.

Help you create effective philanthropic strategies to maximize the impact of your donations and ensure your generosity creates lasting change.

Keep you informed about the impact of your contributions, providing updates and success stories from the organizations you support.

Connect you to opportunities for hands-on involvement, such as volunteering at local events, participating in fundraising campaigns, or joining community outreach programs.

Get Connected with Local Transformation Advocates

A Nonprofit Dedicated To

Amplifying Awareness

We exist to amplify awareness of the needs of the community and facilitate collaborative impact for the Greater Good. Our six step approach is: Assess the need, Amplify awareness, Assemble the team, Activate the solution, Assess the Impact, Adjust the Greater Good.

Impact Stories

Liza's generosity in the Philippines

“This is Mae Ann [on left]. She is 14 years old and she was orphaned by her father at 1 year old. Her mother remarried and she 's been living with relatives hopping from one to another. Someone brought her to me 6 months ago when I needed help in cleaning the house. I long planned on taking her in, and the increase you gave me now allowed me to welcome her into our home and fully take care of her. I now have the budget to fund her schooling as she is in high school year 9. So we need you to get some good rest and be healthy for more years to come.”

~ Liza, Champion Empire Executive Administrator

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