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We are a family of skilled, road-tested and determined leaders who are committed to helping business owners and C-Suite executives deliver high-performance results. We are learned intermediaries who provide strategic and tactical expertise and guidance for business leaders to evaluate alternatives, solve problems and deliver top- and bottom-line growth.

We value collaboration and communication, a focus on results, and delivering on commitments. We are not afraid to take on tough problems and complex scenarios. We love working on culture and human interpersonal dynamics as well as quantitative, big data analysis that leads to step-change growth. We listen deeply before we speak and we provide practical, actionable recommendations.

When looking to take your business to the next level, it's imperative that you are optimally resourced. A top-notch team is an invaluable asset. We’re here to help and we’d like to be on your expansion team.

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Meet Our Founder

Jesse Johnson

Champion Empire was founded by Jesse Johnson, a serial entrepreneur with an OJT-MBA, meaning he got his graduate degree in business the hard way: through boots-on-the-ground, trial and error with several enterprises. Here are a few highlights of Jesse’s success:

  • Started his first business at the age of 6

  • Made his first 6-figure income at age 19

  • Purchased his first business at age 20, and experienced 200% growth in year one

  • Owned multiple 6- and 7-figure businesses

  • Coached business leaders and individuals on how to eliminate over $5,000,000 in personal debt

  • Completed over 1000+ live speaking engagements

  • Led sales teams to deliver in excess of 8 figures in revenue

Throughout the career that included the above successes, Jesse also faced numerous personal and business challenges and setbacks. This has enabled him to hone critical success skills such as thinking and problem-solving, tenacity, and resilience. Perhaps the most important trait he developed is knowing when to ask for help, and when to lean on outside expertise to help see him through. Jesse had a mentor to help him navigate the ups and downs, and he’s thankful for the difference that relationship made to his personal and business success.

That’s why Jesse now uses his hard-earned wisdom to support other entrepreneurs to achieve their highest levels of success and fulfillment. He’s an advisor to leaders who want to leap-frog their obstacles and grow their businesses to create the lives of their dreams.

Here’s the key question for you:

Would you like to go further than you think is possible with a seasoned mentor to help ensure your success?

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Champion Partners

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Champion Empire is a leadership network, professional training and coaching resource and trusted growth catalyst to C-Suite executives and business owners. Our mission is to change the world by helping business owners go from stuck to unstoppable, creating wealth and success that ripples to their communities through superior products, services and generosity to give back. Visit championempire.net or follow @champion.empire on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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